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Celebrating the Slavic Apostles St. Cyril and Methodius at the traditional festival Macedonia in honor of St. Cyril in Rome, our state presented itself with a significant part of its rich cultural heritage - Macedonian woodcarving art from Ohrid. Ohrid is a city with millenarian history. The cradle of Slavic writing and culture. City of the pupils of the Slavic educators, Saint Clement and Saint Naum of Ohrid. Ohrid slowly over the centuries has developed into the center of the art of Macedonian woodcarving, even had its own Ohrid woodcarving school. This tradition has been continuously preserved and loved to this day.

In this exhibition big part of Ohrid's woodcarving cultural heritage was presented through a chronological section, starting with the most precious objects which date from the 14th-20th century up to the works of artists of the modern carvers of four different generations. This exhibition testified that this centuries-old tradition that represents a conjunction of the profession, art, talent, and love for the beautiful lives on forever and creates our new cultural heritage.

Altar of the Fatherland (Altare della Patria)

My father, Dragan Nelovski, who has been a woodcarver for 30 years, owner of the Woodcarving Gallery TRON from Ohrid, participated in this exhibition with his work. Lace type wood-carved piece of art, mirror frame with a floral motif, which today is a property of one young couple from Leicester, England.

Wood-carved mirror frame with flowers and leaves. Made by master woodcarver from Ohrid, Dragan Nelovski owner of Woodcarving Gallery TRON
Mirror frame with flowers and leaves (96 cm x 64 cm x 4 cm) made by master woodcarver Dragan Nelovski

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