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Updated: Feb 4, 2021

In the traditional Ohrid woodcarving, we can distinguish geometric motifs, straight and curved lines, and different shapes and motifs of vegetative, zoomorphic, anthropomorphic origin of objects: vines, grapes, oak leaves, acorns, roses, daisies, sheets of figs, twigs, birds of paradise, peacocks, pigeons, chickens, peach trees, lions, dragons, eagles, deer, snakes, human figures. Each motive contains in itself the primordial symbolism.

The ornaments and motifs are mythological, Christian, through which are demonstrated the local flora and fauna, but also is reflected the essence of life in the Ohrid region: the harvesters, the woodcarvers, the fishermen, the shepherds. In their works, the Ohrid woodcarvers skilfully reflect people's traditions and beliefs.

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